Carving Out Your Mission Statement from Your Core Values – Raye MItchell – AND 20

    A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Dr. Raye MitchellWhether you own your own business, are a CEO, Manager, or an employee branding is critical.  But where does your brand start?  The fact is it starts with your mission statement.  But how do you carve out your missions statement.  Well that all starts with your core values, and how you live them out.

    In Episode 20 of A New Direction, Harvard Law School graduate, retired attorney, professional mediator, negotiator, model, speaker, and author Raye Mitchell talks about “Brandification”,  However, what we discover in this episode is the power of your mission statement as it relates to your core values.

    Do you know what your core values are?  Are you sure?  If you asked someone else what they think your core values are would they line up with yours?  Great questions for sure.  How you live your life is the best example of what your authentic self is at it’s core, and that will determine much of your mission statement.

    All of this is based on Raye’s book entitled “How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength. Protecting Brand and Intellectual Property Rights”  HOLD ON GUYS!  Don’t let the title turn you away.  This book is for everyone.  It is a very quick read with a workbook attached to help you really re think about who you are, what your doing and finding the opportunities to help you find A NEW DIRECTION!

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