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Change is Life…Let’s get unstuck.

From college campuses to Wall Street and everywhere in between, Jay Izso, Maverick Coach, Syndicated Radio Show /Podcast Host, social Mediologist, Speaker and writer, inspires univerisity audiences, businesses, entrepreneurs teams, executives all over the world. Jay is in the business of inspiring people to change by helping them get “unstuck” and encouraging them to find A New Direction from today’s version of themselves to the person they were truly created to be.

YOU…the Whole Person Approach.

We are four part people: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Jay works with you to make sure that you are training all four areas of your life. Challenging yourself in all for areas. Because when things get tough, you are only as good as your training, and the truth if “if you are not growing, your dying.”

He has a Master’s of Science in Psychology from Washington State University and has taught psychology to students, faculty, and business professionals for more than 25 years, including at Washington State University and North Carolina State University.

Jay is also Multi-Award Winning Author with a list of books including: Got Social Mediology? Using Psychology to Master Social Media for Your Business Without Spending a Dime!, The Social Media Playbook for Student Athletes, The Social Media Play Book for Coaches and Administrators, and his latest release Lessons From the Farm Essential Rules for Success,

He is a regular radio personality focused on helping people and businesses increase their performance through research and inspiration. His wit, wisdom, and maverick style have been featured on national TV and Radio shows through out the world.


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