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Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor®, Is a Multi-Award winning author of the book Got Social Mediology?, Social Media Playbook for Student Athletes, Social Media Playbook for Coaches & Administrators, and Lessons from the Farm: Essential Rules for Success,

From college athletes, to conferences to Wall Stree, Jay Izso speaks to groups around the world inspiring their leadership, helping them get “unstuck” and giving them practical steps for life and business success

Jay is inspirational Edu-tertainer.  He also is a radio show podcast host, regular radio personality, that helps people and businesses increase their performance, through research and inspiration. His wit and wisdom have been featured on national TV & radio programs throughout North America. He has a Master’s of Science in Experimental Psychology from Washington State University and can be found on your favorite social media platforms.

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Based on the book “Lessons from the Farm – Essential Rules for Success” (Expected Publish Date January 2019) This is a motivational educational, and humorous look at how life on the farm transformed one man’s life into business. This humorous, motivational, inspirational talk are a series of true stories of Jay and his experiences working on farms in Nebraska as a child, teenager, and young man and how those lessons have made a positive impact on his life as an adult. He now passes these stories on to others so that they can learn to live a life in business that frees them up to be the best that they can be in both their personal lives and professional lives.

Take Aways:

  • Your childhood has taught you positive lessons if you look at them and will listen;
  • You have more capabilities inside you than you realize.
  • There is a bigger plan for your life if you will allow it to happen.
  • Where you are at today, is not where you were at yesterday, and will not be where you are at tomorrow.

This 45 minute session empowers college student athletes to use their social media in a positive impactful way, while helping them avoid the pitfalls that can accompany negative social media use.

The session includes how to play offense using social media, as well as suggestions hot to play defense in social media should things go wrong.

The goal of the session is to help student-athletes use social media in a way that will help their future career whether that be in their sport or any other profession

Based on the book “The Social Media Playbook for Coaches and Administrators” (Publish Date: January 2019)

In this session Jay trains college coaches and administrators how to “coach” social media.

The session covers the relevant social media types, describes the culture of each platform, and how the platforms can be used for the benefit of the student athlete.

The main goal is to be able to empower coaches and administrators within athletic departments tools to help them help their student athletes use social media in a positively successful that will help the student athlete career after their college career has ended.

Are you tired of trying to figure out which social media platform to use?  Do you really know how to use it?  Are you sick of some marketer spending your money on social media marketing and your not even sure what your ROI is?

Jay Izso, also know as the Internet Doctor will share his witty, fun, and insightful research and knowledge on how to get the most out social media without spending money, by understanding the psychology of the user and the social psychology and culture of each platform.
educational / informative entertainment-based humorous / funny

This 2 hour program is devoted to educators, administrators and parents to help them understand the different social media platforms and how students use them.

This presentation educates on both the pitfalls of social media as well as how it can be used to enhance the brand of the school, the students, the teachers, and administrators.

The audience will learn tips to use different platforms in a way that can increase communication between students, parents, faculty and administrators.

Learning objectives:

1- know your audience. To be effective on social media, you have to communicate using the resource that your community utilizes the most

2- posting something on social media without knowing the data of who is viewing it or responding to it is like tweeting without any followers, is it really effective?

3- someone is going to tell your story, so why wouldn’t you be the first one and get it right?

People will walk with:

Understanding of how students use social media and how administrators can interact with students on social media in a positive way, speaking their language , and understand how to use social media to brand your school in a positive way in the community.

How to start considering ways that administrators, teachers, and parents can put in place proactive social media policies to protect themselves, their students and their schools from potential scandals and negative press.

How understanding your audience when choosing which social media outlet , so you can to chose how to communicate effectively.

How common is it to be asked in today’s business culture to “know your why”?

But what does that mean really?

When we say know your why, does that mean that if you know it, that’s it, that’s all or is there something more important.

Is there such a thing as a bad “why”?

Are there inhibiitors to knowing you why?

What does knowing my why have to do with value?

In this session;

I will explore with you to get at the very roots of your why.
Then discover the hidden pitfalls that keep us from getting at our real “why”
Finally, demonstrate that our why can affect the value of what we do, how we do it, or if we do it at all.


I heard Jay at a Mortgage Bankers Meeting and I was impressed. The information was on point and helpful in maximizing social media for business. Jay is a great speaker who keeps things funny, fun and entertaining!
Our group had Jay come & speak twice. Once on Social Media & a second time on Building our Business by Hiring Right. Each time I walked away with valuable information that helped me grow my business. I was able to immediately put to use the knowledge that I gained. As others have said, he is funny, informative & a great speaker. Thank you Jay for sharing your knowledge & experience with the rest of us.
I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Jay speak at Goodfellow Coaching Mastery Summit in Las Vegas. Jay spoke on the Psychology of the Internet. Brilliant!! Jay is very knowledgable and hugely entertaining. Cant wait to see him again!
Jay is an incredible presenter, educator, trainer, and speaker. His insight and knowledge is vast and He delivers in a way that keeps everyone engaged. His wit and his humor also keep everyone interested and participating. EVERY recommendation Jay made when he was at my company has proven true. I would have saved myself an incredible amount of time, money and suffering if i would have only bought in IMMEDIATELY. I highly recommend Jay to anyone looking to improve or grow their company or team.
Jay's class on Finding the Right Hire was incredible! We left so excited about how to grow our business and LOVED all of Jay's information and suggestions. He was extremely professional and open to all of our questions, even ones that were off topic. Can't wait to attend more of his classes.
Jay is an amazing seeker of using the trends for the greatest good of all concerned. He naturally teaches you with real-life tested experiences how to leverage the best of the Internet for today's world... whenever 'today' is! He knows how to stay up-to-date and keep on motivating and teaching people how to behave the most efficient way on the Internet. He got the amazing idea to portray himself as the 'Internet Doctor' and this label sticks to him because he spoke it into existence since the very beginning. Hiring Jay as an inspirational and motivational speaker will bring a brand new light on your business because people are going to improve themselves by understanding what's going on in the world wide web.
Hey Jay! I'd have to say you are one of my top 3 presenters that I loved what you said. You are so real and personable. My biggest takeaway is Principal's create the Brand! This will stay with me forever. Other takeaways were the power of knowing and understanding your audience when choosing which social media outlet to chose to communicate. I took this back to my school where we do a lot of things on Twitter but I seriously feel like it is just the teachers who are liking what we do not the parents. We have since started working with the county on a Facebook page and have a plan for weekly Facebook lives at our new school next year.
Thank you again for being awesome and encouraging us to not be scared of social media yet use it to create our brand.