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Discover Your 'WHY': Embrace Authenticity and Success with Maverick Coaching

All of us have a desire to live the life we want to live in an authentic and confident way. A "Maverick" way. The fact is there is not "one way" to success. The truth is "success" comes from within you by being authentic to who you are and discovering your purpose or as Simon Sinek suggests "Your WHY". My Master's and Doctoral work is in psychology and I take a whole person approach. When working with teams I see them both individually and as a unit.

Coach Jay at Coaching Mavericks
I truly enjoyed speaking with Jay
I truly enjoyed speaking with Jay on his podcast in Spring 2023. His passion for education, communication, and continuous learning is evident. Thank you, Jay, for all the good you put out into the world!
Michelle Gladieux
Gladieux Consulting
Jay, is a phenomenal life coach
Coach Jay, is a phenomenal life coach, listening and guiding you into the correct direction in your personal and professional life. I highly recommend his service to anyone.
karl saint-vil
Network Engineer
I absolutely love Jay's passion
Coaching with Jay has profoundly influenced aspects of my personal & professional work life. His knowledge of psychology and compassion for people are what set him apart from the rest.
Bethany Georghiou
Buyers Agent at Linda Craft

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Coach Jay at Coaching Mavericks