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Unlock your unique potential and overcome challenges with personalized coaching. Drawing from a rich background in sports and life coaching, Jayizso provides insights and direction to help you succeed in both life and business. Experience coaching that truly understands you.

Jay Izso Maverick Coach and Host of A New Direction
  • I truly enjoyed speaking with Jay

    I truly enjoyed speaking with Jay on his podcast in Spring 2023. His passion for education, communication, and continuous learning is evident. Thank you, Jay, for all the good you put out into the world!

  • Jay, is a phenomenal life coach

    Coach Jay, is a phenomenal life coach, listening and guiding you into the correct direction in your personal and professional life. I highly recommend his service to anyone.

  • I absolutely love Jay's passion

    Coaching with Jay has profoundly influenced aspects of my personal & professional work life. His knowledge of psychology and compassion for people are what set him apart from the rest.

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Are you in a career that's fulfilling but somehow still leaves you longing for more? Do you feel like there's a maverick spirit inside you that's too tightly fenced in?

Our Maverick Coaching is designed to help individuals like you break free from constraints, embrace your uniqueness, and live your purpose to the fullest.

The ‘3 A’s’ model is at the heart of our Maverick Coaching approach. This method is designed to help you unlock your potential and tackle life’s challenges. Our first step is ‘Awareness’, where through various assessments, we identify your unique personality traits and strengths. This newfound understanding forms the foundation of your journey towards authenticity and purpose.

As we progress, the next stages – ‘Adjustment’ and ‘Action’ – come into play. We collaborate with you to make necessary adjustments, ranging from altering your mindset to developing new habits. With a clearer understanding of your path, we provide support as you take action, helping you overcome challenges and move towards a life that truly mirrors your maverick spirit.

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