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    turning Customers Into Clients - Donna Weber - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Donna Weber - Turning Customer into Loyal clients - A New Direction with Jay IzsoNo doubt about it, obtaining new customers will cost you more than retaining your current clients.  But what happens if your customers do not return?  Or worse yet what happens if your clients leave?  We all know the answer…you are going to spend more money on customer acquisition.  More expensive marketing dollars to try to convert “tire kickers” into customers and then try to convince them to be a long term client.  There is a better answer.  Donna Weber is a Customer Onboarding Expert and she returns to A New Direction to talk more in detail about turning your customers into long term clients that bring in future business.  In reality those loyal clients become your least expensive and best marketing to get future customer and keep them.

    Turning Customers into Clients - Donna WeberDonna Weber‘s book is entitle “Onboarding Matters: How Successful Companies Transform New Customers Into Loyal Champions”  It is filled with practical and powerful well documented and researched tools to help you take your customers to loyal clients.  If you are having any problems ensuring that your clients are championing your business, or you are losing clients to your competition you will want to pay close attention to Donna Weber as she will change your business and make it more profitable.  Enjoy the show!  Give us 5 star rating and tell your friends!

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