Tools to Communicate with People Who Don’t Think Like You

    Denise Blanc - How to Communicate with People Who Don't Think Like You - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    How to Communicate with People That Don’t Agree with YOU or Who Don’t Think Like YOU

    Denise Blanc - Author RiverLogic - How to Communicate with Those that Don't Think Like You - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoWhether in business or your personal life, it doesn’t take long to realize you are going to come in contact with people who don’t think like you do. And when that happens issues are most likely will occur.
    The fact of the matter is none of us think exactly the same. And sometimes the differences in our thinking can cause conflict and sometimes even rebellion.
    The question then becomes: Is there a way to have different thinking and still be able to communicate effectively without losing productivity or worse yet lose the relationship.
    On this episode of A New Direction award winning leadership coach Denise Blanc returns to discuss how communicate effectively and improve your emotional intelligence that leads to greater leadership and stronger relationships.
    Riverlogic: Tools to Transform Resistance and Create Flow in all of our Relationships: Blanc, Denise M: 9798218102517: BooksDenise Blanc’s book “Riverlogic: Tools to Transform Resistance and Create Flow in all of our Relationships” is an excellent resource on how we can communicate more effectively in our business and personal relationships.

    Using the analogy of the river rapids she helps us navigate the tricky waters of trying to communicate in situations where both parties are not on the same page, but also may be completely at odds with one another.

    RiverLogic takes us through understanding ourselves.  Literally getting outside of ourselves, changing our binary mindset, sit in the gray areas, and moving to understanding of others as we continue to understand ourselves.

    The tips and techniques that Denise Blanc employs are well researched and will not only improve your ability to communicate, but also help make your relationships more productive and successful over the long term.

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