The Ultimate Guide to Power and Influence

    Robert Dilenschneider - The Ultimate Guide to Power and Influence - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    The Ultimate Guide to Power and Influence

    Robert L. Dilenschneider: The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoThere is no doubt that successful people have power and influence. If you want to be more successful, then power and influence need to be part of the equation.

    True, in the hands of the wrong people those to things can be dangerous, but in the hands of the right people can make the world a better place for everyone.

    And on this episode of A New Direction bestselling author and founder of the Dilenschneider Group, Robert L. Dilenschneider joins me to talk to us about how to make you and the people around you more successful by developing your power and influence.

    The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence: Everything You Need to Know eBook : Dilenschneider, Robert L. - Amazon.comRobert Dilenschneider’s book, “The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence: Everything You Need to Know” is a practical guide to increasing your success and helping you make a bigger and better impact in the world.

    Chapter 1 of the Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence starts with a question we are all often asked, but never answer accurately…”Who are you?”

    So often we answer the question with what we do, or the roles we play.  But is that who we are really?  The answer is “no”.  The real answer to who we are is what do we stand for and what are our values.

    The fact is if we do not truly “know thyself”, how can we expect to be successful.  The answer is we cannot.

    Robert then dives into the areas of how to do better networking, making deeper connections, why helping others without an expectation of return or thank you is powerful…and so much more!

    The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence is practical and straight forward.  Robert Dilenschneider gives you the insider insights into understand that you are in control of your own success.

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