The Art of Preventing Stupid in Your Business – Matthew Davis

    When it comes to business we all make mistakes. But when we make the same mistakes, or make mistakes that we could have avoided but because of ignorance, complacency, or being inept we did not well that can make us…well…stupid.

    When it comes to avoiding stupid mistakes it first requires us to understand what type of mistakes can be made, in what part of your business could they be made, and at what point in your business do these mistakes have their greatest potential.

    Attorney and Author Matthew Neill Davis helps us navigate the Art of Preventing Stupid when it comes to our business. Notice it is an art, not a science, because there are other determining factors that play a role how and which mistakes you need to make a proactive priority. Matthew will refer to this as the BIS, the Business Immune System. Where the different systems in your business can get sick. Then he will make a graded diagnosis in terms of the systems that could be catastrophes, ignorance, or ineptitude.

    Matthew Davis and the Art of Preventing Stupid also gives us a blueprint into how to not only look out for these different possibilities of failure, but even some tips on how to handle them. Matthew Neill Davis is going to provide not only great insight, but also wide open, fun sense of humor that take this show in a new direction. So enjoy the ride!

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