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    Robert Riopel - Success Left a Clue - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    The Authority KeyHow do you go from being in debt to owning franchises, owning property and your own business?  It all starts with changing your stinkin’ thinkin’.  Let’s face it we all want some sort of success.  Or we would like to have even more success.  And when is comes to success we have a tendency to look outward.  We want to find some “trick”, some easy way to find this illusive thing we call success.  The fact is there are no “tricks”, there are no “fast tracks”, there are no “easy” ways, and there is no “pay for success” course.  The fact is that when you interact with the most successful people in the world, and you keep your eyes open, “Success Leaves a Clue”.  And in this episode of A New Direction, Robert Riopel author of “Success Left a Clue” joins us to tell us his “rags to riches” story and give you clues on how you can change the outcomes.

    Success Left A Clue: 6 Life Changing Habits to Achieving Your Dreams While Keeping it Real, Relevant & Repeatable by [Robert Raymond Riopel]Robert Riopel book “Success Left A Clue: 6 Life Changing Habits to Achieving Your Dreams While Keeping it Real, Relevant & Repeatable” is a success book on mindset and action.  Let’s be honest with each other for a second so often we think of “intentions”, “mantras”, and “pledges” as a little “new agey” or as Robert Riopel calls it “Wu-Wu”.  But wait, we have thoughts everyday concerning our success.  We have doubt, we question, we have cynicism, and sarcasm, but think for a second what if your thoughts were more positive?  What if you shed the doubt?  Could it make a difference?  You have to admit to think more positively and being more positively intentional about your thoughts certainly wouldn’t hurt…right?  And if we  practiced getting ride of the doubt and fear and negativity in our mind it certainly would make the world around us better…true?  So if we start with the right mindset, then take action on those positive and productive thoughts, does it not make sense that our lives would be better and more successful?  Of course it does!  It also means that we can better and more positively affect the lives of others!  As it keeps perpetuating we see more clues to success…and so then it is true, “Success Left a Clue“.

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