Success is a Dance - Katia Rave - A New Direction with Jay Izso

Success is a Dance – Katia Rave’

Katia Rave Success is a Dance - A New Direction with Jay IzsoPerhaps you are not much of a dancer.  And it is probably even more likely that those of you reading this have never done the Tango.  However, when you watch the Tango it is perhaps the most complicated and intricate of all the dances.  And yet on the outside it is as if the two people are one…but to learn the Tango correctly and be successful to the point that it looks effortless that takes work.  Work that you do not see.  And on this week’s episode of A New Direction Katia Rave Founder and CEO of Rave Success Studios and professional Tango dancer, joins us to talk about how starting and growing your busines is like doing the Tango.

SUCCESS IS A Dance: How the rules of Tango will make your business work. : Ravé, Katia: LibrosKatia Rave‘ book “Success is a Dance: How the Rules of Tango Will Make Your Business Work” is a quick and yet practical read with action items you can do to be more successful in your business.  She sets up each chapter with your Pain points, the Problem, and then the Solution.  Then she gives an example from her experience as a professional Tango dancer and relates it your business.  At the end of each chapter she has what Katia calls her “Fun Tips” and gives you home work.  Success is a Dance is filled with timeless Success tips for any level of business.  Get your copy.

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