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    Strategy to Results - Sean Ryan - Get in Gear - A New Direction Jay Izso

    Strategy-Execution-Results-Get-in-Gear-Sean-T-RyanIf your people were to be asked the following questions about your business strategy what would be their response?

    • Can your team members give you a one or two sentence description of how your company distinguishes itself?
    • Can they tell you the top two or three things company must be great at, or must get better at to be successful?
    • Can they tell you how the previous two answers translate into the critical three to five things they must accomplish to contribute to the execution of the strategy?

    If you don’t like the answers to these questions then execution is going to to be nearly impossible.  So,  how would you answer these strategy questions:

    • How crisp and clear is your organization strategy to the people who are responsible for executing it every day?
    • How well can team members at every level of your organization describe their role in executing your strategy?
    • How effectively are you translating strategy to execution to results?

    The last question is critical!!  Is your strategy producing the results you desire?  If the answer is no…thankfully we have Sean Ryan with us on A New Direction to get your strategy into execution so you achieve the results you are looking for.  Because without Execution there are no results.

    Sean Ryan is the Founder and President of WhiteWater Consulting and the Author of  “Get in Gear: The Seven Gears that Drive Strategy to Results”  And in this episode Sean Ryan leads us down the road of first of all making sure have a sound strategy, then walk us through the gears that create execution so that you can have the results you had hoped for in your business.   Get in Gear is a quick read, full of great questions that will challenge you and your business.  Make sure you get your copy today!

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