Social Media Trends: What Your Business Needs to Know (Part 1)

    Pew Internet recently released an update on how people are interacting with different social media platforms.  There are some interesting findings and some that you as a business owner must pay attention to.  Let’s look at some of the findings and then look at what this means for your business.

    1.  73% of all online users are on at least one social media platform.  

    What this means?

    What it means is if you have been sitting on the sidelines thinking that social media is the second coming of the Titanic…you would be wrong.  The fact of the matter is more people are using it.  As a matter of fact more people than ever are using it.   If you are still reluctant as a business to use some form of social media, you may quickly find that you may be left behind.

    2.  Some Platforms are more active than others.

    It probably would not surprise you to know that Facebook and Instagram are the two most active social media platforms especially when it comes to how frequently they are used.  Let’s be honest Facebook has the most users by far of any other social media platform, and Instagram and Facebook are intertwined.

    Daily Weekly Rare Users of Social Media 2013It probably would not come as too much of a shock that there are very few LinkedIn users that are checking in everyday.

    However, what is tremendously surprising is that more than half of people who have a Twitter account use it weekly or less.

    What does this mean?

    We here a great deal of hype and buzz about how you must be on all the social networks.  Wait one damn minute!  No you do not!  Look you need to be on the places that are the highest and best use of your time.  If you want to be seen, there is no doubt that Facebook is going to be a must.  The majority of users are there everyday and you have the greatest possibility of some sort of interaction.

    3.  Not all social networks are created equal (demographically speaking)

    Business owners lend me your ears!  Stop listening and stepping in the cow paddies of social media experts and gurus! (I am not stereotyping because some of these people are great, however the majority of them are nothing but unqualified, machine like robots that just reiterate each other, and use measurements that have no relevance to putting one dollar into your business).

    Each social media platform has a particular demographic.  Your business has a particular demographic…make sure the two match.  Stop listening to crap advice and get logical about your social media.  Make sure you are not selling ice cubes in the Arctic!


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