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    Barry Habib Part 2 A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Barry Habib (@barryhabib) | TwitterWe all sell, but we all do not have sales success.  We all do business, but we all do not have business success.  Most of us bring home money and whether you do or not we all are not a financial success.  Entrepreneur extraordinaire Barry Habib has found success in all three of those areas and he built it from nothing.  He found opportunities, which led to another opportunity, which he leveraged into another opportunity, which made him successful and a highly sought after entrepreneur.  In this episode of A New Direction Barry Habib returns to dig into some of the strategies and philosophies of sales, business and money.

    Money In the Streets Book Interview: Sales, Business, and Financial Success Barry Habib on A New Direction with Jay IzsoBarry Habib‘s book is entitled “Money in the Streets”  it is a story of his life growing in a home of hard working immigrants struggling to make it.  It is also the story of how he discovered that opportunity is just out there if you have some creativity, take risks, and work hard.  “Money in the Streets” is a powerful testimony that you don’t have to have the best start to finish with great success.  Take a listen Barry Habib is going to help you better in your business, your sales, your life, and your financial future.

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