The Revenge of Dealing with Difficult People – Dr. Rick Brinkman


    Dr Rick Brinkman A New Direction - Dealing with Difficult PeopleWe have all had to deal with “difficult people”.  You know those people who have certain behaviors that can just annoy, unnerve, or even anger us.  We are talking about those people you just can’t stand.  And they show up in a variety of ways.  Sometimes they  come directly at us with explosive anger (the “Tank”) and then as soon as the blasting is over, it is over.  Or maybe it’s the person who while you are giving a presentation out of no where give you that snide, sarcastic remark (the “Sniper”).  Perhaps yet it is that person who has just enough knowledge to be dangerous, but really doesn’t know what they think they know (the “Think-I-Know-It-All”)  Which ever one you run into the fact of the matter is they are difficult people, you don’t want to deal with them, but the truth is you need to deal with them.

    Dealing with People You Can't Stand, Revised and Expanded - Dealing with Difficult People Third ...In this episode of A New Direction, Co-Author of the book “Dealing with People You Can’t StandDr. Rick Brinkman joins us again for “The Revenge” Show.  In this episode we get very specific talking about who these different difficult people are like the tank, the sniper, the grenade, the know-it-all, the think-they-know-it-all, the whiner and more.  You will learn and laugh as Dr. Brinkman’s charismatic, humorous, and relatable style will keep your attention and keep you in stitches.  Dealing with People You Can’t Stand is in it’s 3rd Edition and has sold more than 2,000,000 copies world wide.  It is an educational and fun read make sure you get your copy, it is available in all formats including audible.  Enjoy the show and the book!

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