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    Sean Conley The Point After - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    SEAN CONLEY — Former NFL Kicker Resilience on A New Direction The Point AfterWe all have dreams of our future.  What happens when we put all of our energy, dedication, mind, body and soul are put into it and then you get there and something outside of your control takes your dream away?  What do you do?  Especially if you have no plan B.  Well in this episode of A New Direction Podcast – Jay Izso meet former NFL kicker Sean Conley  From the time he was 8 years old he had a dream of being an NFL kicker.  He kicked in the back lots of Erie, Pennsylvania everyday even though his high school did not have a football team.  He played soccer. Time and time he was met with closed doors, but his resilience would not let him give up on his dream.  The odds were certainly stacked against him, people made promises that they failed him but again his resilience kept him going.  Finally he gets his opportunity and then the rug gets pulled out form under him time and time again, only to be met with more of Sean’s resilience.

    The Point After: How One Resilient Kicker Learned there was More to Life than the NFL: Conley, Sean: 9781493042760: BooksSean’s book “The Point After: How One Resilient Kicker Learned there was More to Life than the NFL: Conley, Sean: 9781493042760: Books” is a testament to one man’s resilience only to reach his dream, when he is told that his body at the age of 25 is done, and the dream is over.  What now?  As he said he felt paralyzed.  He was afraid of the unknown.  What happens next is a discovery with the help of his wife Karen of a better plan that was so unexpected that he finds joy and fulfillment that he realizes he would not have experienced if he would have been a long term NFL kicker.  The book is an amazing journey that will inspire you, motivate you, and give you a perspective that just because the original dream is over beyond your control, that another avenue and opportunity opens up to each of us if we are willing to grasp it and see the beauty of the gifts we are given.  Great book!  One that will make you cry, laugh, and consider your own perspectives.

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