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    relationships in todays working world - Dr. John Gray - A New Direction Jay Izso

    Dr. John Gray - relationships - A New Direction with Jay IzsoIt has been said, that we don’t have business problems, but we have personal problems that affect our business.  And nothing can affect your business, career, and life than relationships.  Whether you are looking for one or are in one, our significant other relationships affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  When our relationships are great with our significant other the world is a better place and seems much easier to deal with…but…a relationship that is sour can destroy confidence, slash our self-esteem, and cause great distraction.  Thankfully the world’s #1 Relationship author Dr. John Gray  has returned to A New Direction help you and I get clarity.

    Relationships Beyond Mars and Venus - Relationship Skills for Today's Complex WorldHis latest book “Beyond Mars and Venus” is really Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus Revised edition.  Here Dr. Gray explains how our hormones affect every part of our lives.  And the activities we do whether they are work, rest, communication, fun, or sex can change those hormones.  And when our hormones are out of whack that it is easy for our relationships to be out of sync as well.  In this episode Dr. Gray takes us on the journey to understand a women’s need to be heard and a man’s need to be appreciated.  We dig deep into the fact that are hormones can be so out of balance that we can even no longer desire a relationship.  Beyond Mars and Venus is insightful and a huge help to any relationship or future relationship.

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