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    Bill and Pam Farrel - Relationship Differences - Men are like waffles Women are like spaghettiIt is no surprise that men and women are different.  Not just our physiology, but how we communicate, handle stress, deal with conflict, the differences we see in relaxing, romancing, sex and more.  So often we can go so frustrated with these differences we can live in misery, or eventually we may get to the point where we feel like we made a mistake.  And the next thing you know we are ready to call it quits.  Hold on!  The difference in  our marriage relationship is not hopeless, in fact it is normal.  The truth is the very thing we love about our spouse is the thing that frustrates us about them.  We have to take a different view of our relationship.  We have to learn to understand the differences between each other, and once we do we can begin to work with each other as a team, rather than against each other as a potential enemy.  Thankfully, Bill and Pam Farrel join us on this episode of A New Direction to help us renew our marriage relationship and not only make it better, but making it awesome.

    Relationship Advice: Men are like waffles women are like spaghettiBill and Pam talk to us about their book “Men Are Like Waffles and Women Are Like Spaghetti“.  The book discusses the most important issues like communication, dealing with conflict, the differences in how men and women view romance and sex, how we relax, how we deal with work and so much more!  The book is a great read for anyone who is married, is going to be married, wants to be married, or just would like to know the differences in how men and women differ in so many ways in their relationships.  In the book you will references to a workbook, with a link while the link may not work you can get the information from the workbook emailing Bill and Pam at  .  Men Are Like Waffles Women Are Like Spaghetti is a great read and it will certainly help you in your relationship with your spouse.

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