Raise Your Conflict IQ

    Yvette Durazo - Conflict IQ - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    Yvette Durazo - Raising your Conflict-IQ - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoRaising Your Conflict-IQ and Making a Bigger Impact on Your Business.

    Conflict is all around us. You don’t have to look for it, because it will find you. And successful leaders today are going to have to skills to deal with it. If you don’t have very good skills in conflict your company will not achieve success, lose productivity and instead it will implode because of it.
    We have all heard of IQ, also known as the intelligence quotient. Some of you may have heard of the more psychologically related acronym EQ or Emotional Quotient, but now get ready for Conflict-IQ(tm).
    In this episode of A New Direction mediator, professor, and author Yvette Durazo joins to help us understand how we can develop the skills and raise our Conflict-IQ!  This show is powerful.  If you are a conflict avoider it is time to develop the skills and raise your conflict-IQ.
    Conflict Intelligence Quotient - Conflict-IQ (TM) : The Missing Piece ...Yvette Durazo’s book Conflict Intelligence Quotient – Conflict-IQ (R) : The Missing Piece to Turbocharge Conscious Leaders’ and Organizations’ Emotional Intelligence is a powerful book that will take you into the depths of understanding how to deal with conflict and raise your conflict-IQ.

    The book challenges the reader to understand that conflict is everywhere, and in order to be a great leader you must be skilled in dealing with it.  And what we often overlook is that conflict affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    The essential element of the Conflict-IQ(tm) system is awareness.  And that awareness starts with yourself.  What is your relationship with conflict?  Are you an avoider?  Do you handle it with a heavy hand?  Do you ignore it?  And how aware are you of the personalities of others?  What is their conflict style and personality?  What is there backgrounds?  What are they bringing into the conflict?

    She then proceeds to unravel for leaders the skills and behaviors that leaders need to be great at conflict negotiations.  And even discusses how our educational system has failed helping us deal with it.  Further, how HR departments are ill-equipped to deal with conflict without punishment.

    This is a truly powerful, insightful book.  Go to Yvette’s website and discover many of her free tools that you can use to raise your Conflict-IQ.  Just click on over to Unitive Consulting.  Yvette also offers Free Live Coaching/Microlearning: Made Simple Conflict-IQ® Bites – Yvette Durazo (unitiveconsulting.com)

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