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    Image result for robert paoliniSo often as sales or business professionals we want some slick silver bullet strategy that will increase our business.  Somehow our mind has convinced us that there must be some magical secret that somehow we missed to getting more sales.  However, the reality is there are no silver bullets and there is really no such thing as “magic”.  The fact is being a better at sales, business, or life have one thing in common…YOU!  The very person who is going to increase their sales, be a better CEO, or a better person is going to be the person who is reading this right now.  However, those improvements only happen when the person makes positive changes in their life.  It is then and only then will they see positive changes everywhere else.  And that is the heart of Robert Paolini and his book Good T.A.L.K. Great Sales.

    In this edition of A New Direction (AND) Robert Paolini walks us through some of the steps of making the changes in your life to affect the changes in your business.  These change require discipline to start new positive habits that create positive change.  The book Good T.A.L.K. Great Sales is a culmination of life changing techniques that affect the life of your business.  He starts by outlining the acronym T.A.L.K.  Truth, Attention, Listening, and Kindness and explains that these four pillars, if you will, are essential for any sales or business person to have greater success, because in every aspect these principles when practiced sincerely create powerful relationships that lead to better business.  We then leads us through Ha. He. Wi. We. – HAppiness, HEalth, WIsdom, and WEalth, and how these flow together to give us a fun reminder of how to live.  Robert or Bobby as he likes to be called then takes us through “Knowing Your Why” and going deeper on your Goals, and then finally talks us through Hal Elrod “s– “The Miracle Morning” and the power of  changing your morning and your day with S.A.V.E.R.S….but your going to have to listen to show to hear what that acronym means.  Enjoy!

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