Powerful, Practical, Real Influence – Dr. Mark Goulston

    Dr. Mark Goulston talks Real Influence on A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Dr. Mark Goulston is an international speaker, author and podcast ...Everyone things they are right.  It is there way or the wrong way.  And we cannot disagree any longer, you have to be on one side or the other.  So what do we do?  We try to influence people by telling them how misguided they are, how wrong they are, we shame them, guilt them, we call them names, we label them, we put them in categories, and if they still continue in their ways we shun them publicly on social media.  And we think by doing all of this that we are influencing people. The fact is we have not influenced anyone.  We have not won anyone over, in fact we have drawn the line.  Instead, we feel safely tucked with our “we agree with you friends” who are cheering you on making you further believe that what you are doing is the “right” thing.  But in reality it only separates us further.

    The book Real Influence co-author Dr. Mark Goulston joins us on A New DirectionIn this episode of A New Direction world famous psychiatrist Dr. Mark Goulston joins the show and practically and powerfully demonstrates with me how “Real Influence” works.  He demonstrates to you that it is possible to completely get someone to remove their own anger and frustration and get them to help you accomplish the tasks that are the best for everyone.  The book, “Real Influence” is powerful in it’s own right.  It truly focuses on helping you get of “How do I get someone to do…?”  To “I need your help to “.  Dr. Goulston demonstrates how to move us from “our here’ to “their there”…and once you see and feel the power of it, you will become a true…no…a Real Influencer.


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