Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges – Sascha Gorokhoff – AND15

    Life is full of challenges.  We all experience them.  At some point in our life we will experience a situation or situations or a circumstance or set of circumstances that will challenge us to the point that we feel that we cannot recover.  Or worse yet, we feel like this is the end.  Overcoming these challenges can become our biggest obstacle.

    This week on  Episode 15 of  A New Direction my guest is Sascha Gorokhoff.  Sascha was born with Spina Bifida a rare disease that literally put a hole in his back and exposes the spinal column.  Not only that he also was diagnosed with water on the brain and was told he was going to have impaired cognitive functioning.  Oh wait there is more, he was also diagnosed at a young age that his kidneys were failing.  And is if that were not enough, his dad dies at the age of 16, his mother is diagnosed with Narcissistic Borderline Personality disorder and commits suicide.  That would be enough to put most all of us under the table and just want to call it quits.  Not Sascha.  Today he plays golf, ski’s has multiple degrees, speaks multiple languages and oh by the way he wrote a book too!

    Sascha has an amazing story of overcoming his circumstances and has a desire to share with the rest of the world.  Listen top this episode to find out how Sascha stayed motivated?  What are the important steps for yourself to overcome your own challenges?  How do your emotions play a role?  The power you have to choose.  And so much more!

    THE LEADERSHIP JOURNEY FOR THE NEW MILLENNIALS: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph by [Gorokhoff, Sascha, Gorokhoff, Sasha]Sascha’s book The Leadership Journey for the New Millennials: Turning Tragedy into Triumph is not a book for only the young, it is a story for all ages and all stage of life.  You can pick up your copy by clicking on the book, or the link above.

    If you would like to contact Sascha directly you can email him at:  Info@saschagorokhoff.com

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