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    John Paul Mendocha and Jay Izso A New Direction

    John Paul Mendocha - Make Your Zoom Meetings SoarOur work life has changed.  Most all of us are working remotely.  That means most all of us are now using a technology called Zoom.  As cool, convenient, and amazing as Zoom is, it does present some occasional challenges.  Such as making sure it is reliable.  And as Zoom continues to add features are you in fact getting the most out of it?  That is are you doing what is necessary to eliminate distractions, how is your audio, video, lighting,   Is there a protocol to Zoom meetings and so much more!

    Remote Work For a Better World!: Being... Productive, engaged and sane in today's turbulent times. by [John Paul Mendocha, Gabe Bautista, Thomas Meloche, Helene Gidley, Douglas Wesney, Michael Mendocha, CJ Kuseler, Fritz Diego Virhuez Leon]In this episode of A New Direction a team of technologist and users actually used a Zoom call to give you a step by step and best practices book to help you navigate the sometimes muddy waters of Zoom meetings.  Led by Expert John Paul Mendocha the team wrote the book on Zoom entitled, “Remote Work for a Better World“.  John Paul Mendocha takes us through many of the considerations that you should be thinking through as you conduct Zoom meetings, webinars, interviews, consulting and coaching projects and more.  Remote Work is a quick read, but one chock full of valuable information!

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