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    It’s Time to Live in Daily Awareness

    Pat McNamara | Delta Force Operator - Living in Daily Awareness - Sentinel - A New Direction with Jay IzsoFriends lets be honest with each other. We truly live in a VUCA world. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous world.

    You don’t have to read too far in your newspaper, or watch the news casts to see that our world is not what most of us grew up in.

    This raises the question for all of us: What are we doing to make sure we are ready for the volatility that inevitably will meet us? Do you have a plan when you drive? Do you have a plan when a natural disaster strikes? Or do you just hope that everything will be okay?

    That’s not a plan. And it is not preparedness. The fact is the vast majority of us have no awareness. And when it comes to situational awareness…we have even less.

    On this episode of A New Direction 13 year veteran in the 1st SFOD-D(Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta) and 22 Years in Special Force Units and the Creator of Basic Dude Stuff Pat McNamara joins us to talk about his book Sentinel.

    The fact is our awareness is at an all-time low.  We drive to work mindlessly.  We assume that no one has any reason to bother us.  And our awareness is numb.  And because our awareness muscle is weak…we become vulnerable. Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail: 9781475960495: McNamara, Patrick: BooksPat Mac’s book “Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail” should be required reading for every human being on the planet.

    This book speaks to everyday practical things that you can do to build your own self and situational awareness.

    Whether you are going to the office, the grocery store, taking care of your vehicle, or taking care of your body.  This book addresses every area.

    And for those of you who are looking to improve your self-awareness when it comes to firearms, Pat Mac addresses that too.

    Sentinel is a book for all people for all time.  If you want to improve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually then get yourself a copy of Sentinel.

    It’s not about paranoia, it’s about being prepared.  And that takes awareness!

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