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    Thalma Lobel Little things that affect your performance A New Direction Jay Izso

    Thalma Lobel Little Things that Affect Your Performance and Productivity - Author Whatever Works on A New DirectionYou may be reading this right now and your performance at your job is slacking.  Why?  You may be thinking because you are bored?  Maybe you did not get enough sleep.  But what if I told you that there are things in your environment that are influencing your performance or a lack there of.  The problem could be a lack of natural light.  Or it could be that your phone is sitting on your desk.  Or that background music is interfering with your performance and productivity.  Perhaps you say, “no, not me.  Those things don’t affect me”.  The truth is they do and on this episode of A New Direction Psychologist Dr. Thalma Lobel from the University of Tel Aviv talks about all the little things that you do not even recognize that are affecting you.

    Dr. Lobel’s new book entitled “Whatever Works” is a practical yet research driven book that will clearly demonstrate that the little things you and I take for granted in our environment and habits, can have a huge impact on our behavior, negotiations, our colleagues, relationships, our businesses and more!  From Whatever Works Dr. Lobel and I address issues of office layout, natural versus artificial light, walking in nature, music, your smartphone and other related topics. The research is so clear and her tips will give you a distinct advantage not only in the workplace but in life.  Enjoy!

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