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    Tara Peters and Jay Izso A New Direction

    Dr Tara Edwards Co-author The Demotivated Employee on A New DirectionHow many times have I been asked, “how can I motivate my people”?  It is question that is asked of every coach.  As a coach we typically do not give an answer because we know you are not ready to hear the truth.  And even if we were to tell it to you, you not only have a reluctance to believe it, but you also get angry with us when we say it.  And that is what Dr. Tara Peters and Dr. Cathy Bush have answered that question in their book “The Demotivated Employee“.  Here is the answer that they so brilliant explain in the book.  Ready?  It’s the wrong question.  It’s not how do you motivate your employees, it is how you stop demotivating your employees!  Ouch!

    In the 100th episode of A New Direction co-author Dr. Tara Peters edu-tains us (educates and entertains) with her brilliant insights and her wit, wisdom and humor.  She will take us through how “Fundamental Attribution Error” is a problem for leaders.  Oh you don’t know that that is?  Well then  you will need to the show.  Then she start walking us through the 5 pitfalls that move the employee from motivated and excited when they come in to demotivated the honeymoon is over and now that horrible marriage to the organization takes over and they dread it.  “The Demotivated Employee is simply an enlightening fabulous book one you will want to keep in your library!

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