Leading in a Crisis – Major General John Gronski (ret’d)

    Major General John Gronski - Leading in a Crisis - A New Direction with Jay IzsoWe have all been through and continue to go through crisis.  For the last two plus years we have been dealing with the pandemic.  We have seen businesses crumble, people scatter, emotions rising.  The truth is leading in a crisis is not easy.  Now we have Russia invading and starting an unprovoked war with the Ukraine.  Talk about leading in a crisis, no one is envious of what Volodymyr Zelensky the President of the Ukraine must face every day.  When it comes to leading in a crisis this week’s guest on A New Direction Major General John Gronski is no stranger to living in that world.

    Major General Gronski served in Iraq during the Iraq war.  He served in Ramadi which was called “The Bloodiest Place on the Planet”.  He led soldiers from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.  He knows what Leading in a Crisis is, and the price of lives that war takes.  What is more he has been successful at leading.  He has written an outstanding book entitled, “Iron Sharpened Leadership“.  In this episode we will talk about some of the book, but we will mostly deal with, “How do you lead in a crisis”?  How should we prepare?  What do you do in a crisis?  How do you keep your people together in a crisis?  And General Gronski will also compare and contrast the leadership styles of Vladamir Putin of Russia, and Volodymyr Zelensky of the Ukraine.  It is a powerful show!  You can contact General Gronski at www.johngronski.com

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