Leadership Principles from the War in Israel

    General John Gronski - Leadership Principles The Conflict in Israel - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    Leadership Principles from the War in Israel
    Major General (ret) John Gronski

    Iron-Sharpened Leadership - Leadership Principles from the War in Israel - A New Direction with Jay IzsoHaving spent a few days in Israel during the Hamas/Israel conflict I had a different and unique experience. The news media, as typical does not tell the whole story, or they focus on only on a particular aspect of the war and only look at what they believe is important eliminating extremely important details.

    And often we want to know things like: How do you lead when confront by an enemy who is focused on terror? What does a leader do? How do you not only lead others but lead yourself? And what principles can you and I take away from leadership in this type of a conflict that we can apply to our lives.

    In this special episode of A New Direction, we bring back Major General (Ret) John Gronski who spent time in the middle east during the Iraq war under trying circumstances.

    The General and I spend time talking about how to deal with an enemy that is bent on your destruction.  What kind of leader do you need to be in the face of a violent and chaotic enemy, and more.

    Iron-Sharpened Leadership | Fidelis PublishingGeneral Gronski’s book entitled “Iron Sharpened Leadership: Transforming Hard-Fought Lessons Into Action” is in my opinion one of the most complete books on leadership you will ever read.

    Throughout the book General Gronski gives you action steps in each chapter that you can take from the concepts and apply it to your life right now.

    Unlike most leadership books I have read, General Gronski dives into the importance of the spiritual self when it comes to leadership.

    And rather than dance around the issue he makes it abundantly clear that the spiritual you needs to be in training the like the physical, mental, and emotional you.

    The book is available in Audible so there are no excuses to listen to or read the book.  Get your copy by clicking HERE or on the picture.

    You can learn more about General John Gronski, subscribe to his newsletter or learn more about his online classes and where he is speaking by going to www.johngronski.com

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