Leadership Lessons from the Pub – Dr. Irvine Nugent

    Leadership Lessons from the Pub - Dr. Irvine Nugent - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Irvine Nugent | Leadership Lessons from the Pub - A New Direction with Jay IzsoIf you were raised in Northern Ireland a part of your culture is the pub.  If you are Irvine Nugent your dad owned the pub and you were raised as part of a sub-culture.  For the Irish the pub is more than a place to drink, it is a place where people gather, all people, regardless of their station in life.  It is a place where laughter and enjoyment are embodied.  The pub was the place the Irvine Nugent learned about leadership and culture.  His father helped him understand as a pub owner (a.k.a. “puplican”) that there was a great deal that he could do from a leadership standpoint to enhance the customers and employees of the pub.  And it is these leadership lessons that Dr. Irvine Nugent shares with us on this episode of A New Direction.

    Leadership Lessons from the Pub - AmazonDr. Nugent’s book Leadership Lessons from the Pub is more than a book about leadership.  It is a book that helps leaders understand how by increasing their emotional intelligence that can affect and infect their people.  As Lesson#1 so simple states:  “You Get to Set the Tone” and as Irvine’s father elaborates, “Whatever mood you are in will be reflected back to you by the customers within an hour.”  This is just a sample of the many leadership lessons that Irvine Nugent provides both in this episode and in “Leadership Lessons from the Pub“.   And as a free gift to A New Direction listeners Irvine has provided FREE resources just for you just click on over to www.leadershiplessonsfromthepub.com/toolbox 

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