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    Timeless Hacks for Leaders at any level - Emily Sander - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoAre you a high-level leader? Or are you an aspiring leader? Are you a CEO, Owner or founder? If this sounds like you then one thing, we all know for sure is…is that leadership is hard.

    While there may not be any shortcuts to being a great leader, there are some small hacks that can make you a more effective in your leadership. In fact, it may come down to your “swizzle”. What is “swizzle” you so eagerly ask?

    Enter Best Selling Author and former Chief of Staff Emily Sander. And she joins us on this episode of A New Direction to talk about her book entitled, ” Hacking Executive Leadership“. This is a great book that will give you some fantastic practical leadership hacks to up your game.

    Hacking Executive Leadership: Go from insecure, indecisive, and overloaded to confident, influential, and effective: Emily Sander: 9781954024137: Amazon.com: BooksEmily Sander‘s book, “Hacking Executive Leadership: Go from insecure, indecisive, and overloaded to confident, influential, and effective is a timeless book for every leader.

    The practical “hacks” that Emily puts down are the foundations of what every leader including the executive leader should be doing.

    The book opens with quite confidently in that Emily says, “This book will change you.” And I have to be honest after reading it…it did change me!  She made me think, and her insights are things I implemented right away.

    I believe Hacking Executive Leadership should be an essential read for any person who is in leadership or is an aspiring leader.  She has great Pro Tips, Fabulous Quotes, and uses examples not only from her life, but the lives of others.

    Absolutely a must read.

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