How to Create a Career with Purpose at Any Stage of Life

    Zaundra Wimberley From Bossed to Boss - A New Direction witih Coach Jay Izso

    Leave Your Job and Create a Career with Purpose

    Zaundra Wimberley - From Bossed to Boss - How to make a successful career change and find purpose - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoYou are at a party or event on a Sunday afternoon. You are enjoying the company around you. It is filled with laughter and enjoyment. Then the party starts to wind down. People are leaving and then it hits you…

    You have work on Monday. But the truth is you are dreading Monday. Sure, you are good at your job. The money is good, but you really don’t want to go back to that job.  Money is the only reason you are going to work, and even the money has lost it’s appeal. You hate it there.  You cannot find your purpose or your why. Your boss is a tyrant, overbearing, overzealous, non-feeling, uncompassionate, non-caring, individual, who makes your life miserable.

    What do you do? Well for many people, they stay in the job. They work, get their money, but live in misery. No hope, life, no purpose. They take their misery home. And as much as they would like to believe they compartmentalize it, the fact is that it affects every relationship you have…including the one you have with yourself.

    It’s time for a change. And in this episode of A New Direction entrepreneur Zaundra Wimberley faced a similar situation and she found a way to build a business that she dreamed of, one that gave her purpose, one that she is excited to do every moment of her life. She doesn’t go to work, she goes to what she enjoys. Shouldn’t we all?

    Join us right here as Zaundra gives us the story and the practical wisdom on how to transition from the job you dread to building the business of your dreams and fulfill your purpose.

    From Bossed To Boss: It's Never Too Late To Reclaim Your Dreams And Live In Purpose: Wimberley, Zaundra: 9798885830324: BooksZaundra‘s book “From Bossed To Boss: It’s Never Too Late To Reclaim Your Dreams And Live In Purpose”.  The book not only tells Zaundra’s journey to discovering her purpose, but she also provides truly applicable, practical insights to help you make that leap as well.

    You will learn how to emotionally and psychologically take the steps necessary to move beyond where you are right now to finding the career and purpose you have dreamed of.  She will also dig into the personality traits that can inhibit you from achieving the success you hope for.  This and many more practical sound advice that you will be able to use to make your career and purpose come to life.

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