How to Change Minds – Rob Jolles

    Let’s be honest with each other. We are all in sales. Seriously, we are all in sales. Even if your career title does not say, “sales” you have to sell. You have to sell your boss that you have value, you have sell your spouse or significant other on…well you. If you have children you may have to sell them on doing their homework. Then there is selling your parents on well what ever decision you want or need them to make. And if you are in sales, well, then, you know all to well the difficulties in getting people to make up their mind, commit to a decision, make a change from where they are today so that they can be in a better place tomorrow. And the end of it all we all want or need someone to “change their mind.

    World renown Speaker and Author Rob Jolles discusses the process of “How to Change Minds”. We are not talking about manipulation here. We are talking about influencing others for their good, not for our gain. Rob carefully makes sure throughout his book that we clearly have it within our own mind we are not manipulating we are helpfully guiding.

    In this episode of A New Direction “How to Change Minds” will be a book not only you will want to read, but because of the comprehensive nature of the process you will need to read again, and again, and again. Make no mistake about changing minds is not an easy task, and it is beset with some trials, tribulations, and objections, but Rob Jolles walks us through it all to change your mind…after all he wrote the book…”How to Change Minds

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