Getting Past Our Bias and Unconscious Judgements – Howard Ross

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    Overcoming Our Bias - Howard Ross - A New DirectionNo one wants to admit it.  In fact we get defensive when accused of it.  In most cases we go into denial and rationalize it.  What am I talking about: Bias.  The fact of the matter is bias comes with being human.  Every single person in the world has bias.  You in fact are biased!  Did you notice how you felt as you read that?  You are biased.  It may have made you mad.  It may have had a “knee jerk” reaction of “no I am not!”.  You may have wanted to stop reading.  That’s how powerful bias can be.    Hold on, before you stop reading on, let me explain that bias is a built in mechanism in our brains that actually has some value.  In side our brain more toward the middle of it actually are these physical structures called the amygdala and the hippocampus.  They are built in to help us deal with potential danger and memory among other things.  As we develop a life time of memories these structures turn on as we encounter different people and situations to help us quickly deal with the issues at hand.  The problem is that we will find that we are more often wrong that right when it comes to our judgement and what we thought was dangerous, was in fact a false perception. Everyday Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgments in Our Daily Lives eBook: Ross, Howard J.: Kindle StoreIn this episode of A New Direction Howard Ross helps us not only understand how we develop our biases, but how we can over come them.  In his book “Every Day Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgements in Our Daily Lives” Howard not only explains how we get to become biased, but then the complicated challenge of changing our bias.  By the way if you think logic is the answer to changing someone’s bias…think again…logic doesn’t work and Howard explains this in his book.  So what does it take to change ourselves and our bias?  Take a listen to the show, you will find it both enlightening and informational.  But I will tell you this as Howard Ross says over and over again…the first thing is stop beating yourself up with guilt for feeling biased because guilt doesn’t change you it only distresses you.

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