Getting the Love You Need – Love Needs – Dr. Mike Garrett

    Dr. MIke Garrett and Rhonda Garrett authors of Love Needs on A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Love Needs Authors Dr. Mike Garrett and Rhonda GarrettNo one ever says:  “We hope to find the right person, fall hopelessly and passionately in love, have a beautiful wedding, live together for a while then let our relationship disintegrate and crash and burn in divorce”.  Yet so many relationships do disintegrate and wind up in divorce.  Why?  When we stop getting the love that we need …we stop loving back.  And when that happens the downward destructive spiral takes the relationship into a path of separation.  The fact is we all want to be loved, and we want to love.  And when it doesn’t happen in our most important relationship, everything else is just a little more empty.

    Love Needs Book available on Amazon and bookstores everywhereDr. Mike Garrett joins us in studio on this episode of A New Direction with his book co-written with his wife Rhonda Garrett entitle “Love Needs:  Discover Your Top 10 Languages of Loving.  Dr. Mike (as many call him) talks with us about why it can be difficult to get both people into counseling, the challenges of the “conflict cycle”, resentments, and even the importance of sex and why it doesn’t happen.  Love Needs the book, contains 30 chapters that describe a separate need we have when it comes to love and even has an assessment to help you identify your top 10 love needs.  Let me ask you this question, if you are being honest how is your relationship with your significant other…really?  Then let me follow it up with the next question:  Are you getting the love that you need?  Well there is a really good change your significant other is not getting the love they need either.  Tune into the show as Dr. Mike walks you through some counseling, and get yourself a copy of the book Love Needs.  You your significant other will be glad you did!

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