Get Beyond the Rut of Your Life and Work!

    Jerry Dugan - Beyond the RUT in life and work - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    Jerry Dugan – Getting Beyond the Rut in life and work - A New Direction Show with Coach Jay IzsoAre You in a Rut in Your Life and Work?

    Are you going through the motions of life? Have you been checking all the boxes you were told to achieve? Do find it seems so meaningless? Does it seem that what you thought looked like financial freedom and bliss has become a job jail, bound by golden handcuffs?

    How’s your family life? Or do you even have one? How about your fitness? Finances? How’s your future? Is it a blur? And have you lost faith?

    If any of this sounds like you, please know you are not alone. Millions of people are living a life of struggle. The pressure mounts, with no end in sight. You need a change. But how do we get there. It’s time to get beyond the rut.

    And in this episode of A New Direction author, entrepreneur, coach and show host Jerry Dugan walks us through his latest book “Beyond the Rut”. Join us right here for some very important life change.

    Beyond The Rut: Create a Life Worth Living In Your Faith, Family, and Career - Kindle edition by Dugan, Jerry. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Dugan’s book “Beyond the Rut: Create a Life Worth Living in Your Faith, Family, and Career” is a quick read, but is a straight forward look at what many of us experience…”the rut”.

    Beyond the Rut dives into what is the rut, and the lies that we tell ourselves that keep us in the rut of life.  It exposes the truth about what the rut really is and that the rut is not as deep as we believe.

    Beyond the Rut also takes a look at how since we have been children we have been conditioned to be in the rut.  And how over time that conditioning has created a number of problems.

    Jerry also exposes us to the 5 F’s where our rut takes a toll, Faith, Family Fitness, Finances, and our Future.  And how when we are in “the rut” we are not as healthy in any of these areas as we need to be.

    The book provides a number of positive examples of those who have made the decision to get out of the rut.  The mindset that it took to get there and the freedom they feel.  Jerry provides a number of ways you can move beyond the rut and move to a life of success.

    Enjoy the show!

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