Finances – The 3 Blocks and 4 Gaps That Stifle Success

    Erik Weir - Who's Eating Your Pie Part 2 - A New Direction with Jay Izso
    What are the Blocks and Gaps to Your Finances

    Erick Weir - Finances the blocks and the gaps that stifle success - A New Direction with Jay IzsoWe all have a desire to live a better life. No matter your income level we all would like to do better. Finances are that part of life that is simply a reality we all must deal with. Finances affect our relationships. In fact, finances are the biggest contributors to divorce. What is more, your business finances are going to either keep your company afloat or they are going to sink your business ship.

    The question comes what are you doing, or not doing that is keeping you, your family, and business from building your finances that can contribute to a little more peace and prosperity? In this episode of A New direction financial wealth advisor to grammy winning recording artists, pop culture icons and sports celebrities Erik Weir returns to talk to us more about how to practically stabilize your finances, build wealth, from his book “Who’s Eating Your Pie”.

    Erik Weir’s book “Who’s Eating Your Pie?: Essential Financial Advice that Will Transform Your Life” is not your typical book on finances and financial well-being.  Erik takes an in depth look at how you are thinking about finances, in terms of your mindset.  What is your mindset about success?  What is the difference in thinking between the successful and the unsuccessful.  How do you handle failure?  How do you develop resilience? 

    Who’s Eating Your Pie is going to transform you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  He provides examples of people he was worked with that have transformed their lives and gone from not having much to living in abundance.  The question becomes…”what are you waiting for?”  If you want to change your life, and live the life that you were created to live then it’s time to listen in and get your copy of Who’s Eating Your Pies?  It could be life changing!

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