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    Robert Jordan - Right Leader Right Time - A New Direction with Jay Izso
    Discover Your Leadership Style

    Right Leader Right Time - Discover Your Leadership Style - Robert Jordan - A New Direction with Jay IzsoThere are thousands of books when it comes to leadership.  Most of the speak about specific attributes of leaders and leadership.  There are many assessments you can take in regard to personality and how it relates to leadership.  But thing that the literature particularly avoids is “leadership style”.  When I ask you about your leadership style, what the first thing that comes to mind?  Is it dictator, hands off, collaborative, something else.

    In this episode of A New Direction we dive into leadership style.  And when it comes to leadership style Robert Jordan and Olivia Wagner have conducted research with thousands of leaders to help define for leadership styles that we have a preference toward.  Perhaps you have a leadership style of being a “Fixer”.  Or maybe you have a leadership style of being an “Artist”.  Maybe a “Builder” or a “Strategist”.  The fact is we all have a preference towards a leadership style, but we may not recognize it.  In this episode Robert Jordan, helps you to narrow down what your leadership style is and what organizations you best fit in, and when it is time to perhaps get out.

    Right Leader, Right Time: Discover Your Leadership Style for a Winning Career and Company

    Right Leader, Right Time: Discover Your Leadership Style for a Winning ...Robert Jordan & Olivia Wagner’s book Right Leader, Right Time: Discover Your Leadership Style for a Winning Career and Company is incredibly insightful.  In fact, from this readers perspective it was the first time I felt that someone understood my  leadership style and that I was not being crazy or weird. 

    The book is an eye opener for those who wonder why they may jump from leadership postition to leadership position.  It can give you some closer as to why you get an andrenaline rush over some things in the organization and other times you want to poke your eye with a fork.  The book is well written and uses real world examples with leaders and companies you know.  If you want to know what kind of leader you are and when you should or should not get involved, get a copy of Right Leader, Right Now.  If you would like to take the FREE leadership style assessment just click on over to

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