Digging into Your Mind: Google Lets You Take the Rorschach Ink Blot Test

    Hermann_Rorschach_c.1910Today is Hermann Rorshach’s birthday, he would have been 129 today.  Hermann Rorschach was a Swiss born Freudian Psychologist who only lived until he was 38 years old, but he handed us something that even if you do not believe in it, is in fact interesting.  It is called the Rorshach Ink blot test.

    I am sure you have seen them, it looks like someone spilled some different colored ink on a piece of paper they folded it in half and out comes some pattern.  Well basically that’s how it was done.  There are standard ink blots that over the decades have been used to identify a number of different mental and emotional disorders and thought processes.

    I was fortunate enough as an psychology intern while in graduate school to work on a forensic ward where I received some training on giving the Rorschach to specific patients.  I must say when you are working with those who have some sort of mental/emotional dysfunction and have committed a serious crime you can only imagine some of the most amazing and unusual answers and themes that patients will see when they look into a set of Rorschach ink blots.

    Well in honor of Dr. Rorschach’s 129th birthday today Google search is giving you the opportunity to take a small sample of the Rorschach and tell the social media world what you see.

    Google Rorshach

    Here is what is cool about this.  A random ink blot comes up and you can share on your social media profiles what you see.  Here is where as a psychology scientist it gets exciting for me…people are giving you access to their thoughts.  Yes even if they are making something up to be weird…it says something does it not?  Okay so even if you do not want to share, but perhaps just want to read what people are seeing just Google hashtag #RorschachDoodle you will be amazed at the responses.  Here are just a few I pulled from the Twitter feed.

    Ror resp

    Understand this is ONE DAY ONLY so you will have to act now.  However, if you are interested in taking Hermann Rorschach’s original test you can by clicking here.  Remember it will not be graded, but you may found out something about yourself that you may not want to know.

    Have fun and enjoy the mental introspection!

    Stay Successful My Friends,

    Jay Izso, Internet Doctor®

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