Developing Your Brand and Become a Brand Renegade

    Sean Dowdell - Brand Renegades - A New Direction withi Coach Jay Izso

    How to Develop Your Brand and Become a Brand Renegade

    Sean Dowdell - Brand Renegades - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoIn today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand has become more crucial than ever before. It serves as the foundation upon which a company’s success is built.

    Whether you’re launching a startup, a small business, or an entrepreneurial venture, understanding the power of branding can be the key to unlocking remarkable achievements.

    In this, episode of A New Direction, “The Tattooed Millionaire”  Sean Dowdell and I  delve into the transformative impact that effective branding can have on a new business and explore essential strategies to help you craft a compelling brand identity.

    Sean makes that case for building a brand, “To be a brand renegade, you have to take those standard views of your own business or industry and disrupt them to create a new brand identity. You have to both disrupt your industry and elevate your brand.

    Sean also helps us understand the importance of partnerships and mentorship when it comes to building your business and brand.  Listen in and tell your friends.

    Brand Renegades: Our Fearless Path from Startup to Global BrandSean and Thora Dowdell  have written Brand Renegades which is not only a phenomenal story of success when it comes to entrepreneurship, but also weaves great practical wisdom that any business can use to build their brand and grow their business, take on partnerships, and utilize mentors.

    Upon request from several listeners we spend a great deal of time talking about how to have the right business partner, and avoid the wrong business partner.  We also dig into the customer perception and developing your niche and passion.

    Brand Renegades is a book that you will want to have on your shelf.  It will be a great reference tool and also it will inspire you to know that in your ups and downs of being an entrepreneur you are not alone.  You can learn more about them and their business model by going to Club Tattoo.

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