Designing Your Team for Everyone’s Success

    Kevin Eikenberry - Wayne Turmel - The Long Distance Team - A New Direction witih Coach Jay Izso

    Building a Team is Not Easy, and It Must Be Intentional

    Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel - Designing a Team for Everyones Success - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoIf you have ever tried to build a team from the ground up, then you know first hand the difficulties and challenges you can face.  And in today’s business environment building a team can even be more challenging as more and more teams are some combination of remote and in office a “hybrid” if you will.  What are the principles when trying to build a new team?

    On this episode of A New Direction Chief Potential Officer of Kevin Eikenberry group, Kevin Eikenberry is listed as one of the Top 30 Leadership Professionals by Global Gurus joins us, as well as co-author Wayne Turmel cofounder of the Remote Leadership Institute.  Kevin and Wayne help us understand that there are many components and questions that you should be asking before you build a team.

    For example: Have you considered the culture?  What is that going to look like for the team?  What does bringing on a new team member do to the team?  How do you get everyone to buy in?  How are you going to execute your plan?  What about communication?  Collaboration?  Cohesion?  How is that going to look?  There simply is more to the story than just building a team.

    Then you may have to ask yourself, what if you have an existing team and you want to alter the culture?  Maybe you have new leadership?  Maybe it’s a merger?  Now what do you do?  What questions should you be asking?  What are the roles of leadership?  What role does everyone else play in creating this new culture?

    Clearly attempting to create a new team is not going to be easy in a hybrid world.  But Kevin and Wayne will help us sort it out.  If you would like to have the questions that Kevin and Wayne ask to help you design your team you can click on over to

    A Book that Can Help Design or Redesign Any Team in Any Industry The Long-Distance Team: Designing Your Team for Everyone's Success (Long-distance Worklife): 9781523003419: Eikenberry, Kevin, Turmel, Wayne: BooksKevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel‘s book “The Long-Distance Team: Designing Your Team for Everyone’s Success” is a guide, and practical tool kit for anyone who wants to build a new team, or having to redesign an existing team.  

    The questions that the author’s ask in each section of the book are thought provoking and really help those in leadership and beyond come to grips with those areas in building a team that are often overlooked and ignored.

    The Long Distance Team has been written certainly with the remote/hybrid in mind.  But after I read and outlined the book, I have found that the practical principles are so sound and solid, that these questions and suggestions can be applied to any team regardless of remote or in the office.

    I really enjoyed this book and have taken to heart the lessons and will be applying them to my current work in redesigning a current team that will be going through a leadership transition.

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