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    Elliott Noble-Holt Resilience - Bald Bearded Boss - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Elliott Noble-Holt, Resilience A New Direction with Jay IzsoHow many of you dream of being your own boss?  You know owning your own company.  It all sounds pretty cool until you look at the lives of those who build it from the ground up and all the struggles it takes to get to financial success.  How do you stay resilient when life throws you a curve?  Like your parents dying.  No money.  Feeling Lost and alone.  So what you do you?  Well if you are Elliott Noble-Holt, you turn a $500 dollar gift card into a copy machine and start a business.  And he joins us this week on A New Direction and encourages you that you too can make it, it may not be easy, but with perseverance and resilience you can achieve financial freedom and financial success.

    Amazon - Bald Bearded Boss: Manifesting Who You're Meant To Be: Noble-Holt, Elliott: 9781642252200: BooksElliott Noble-Holt has written a book that really is about resilience entitled “Bald, Bearded, Boss: Manifesting Who You Were Meant to Be“.  The truth is it would be easy to let any circumstance get you down, but Elliott demonstrates that if you maintain your resilience you can achieve.  Elliott demonstrates his resilience in his faith.  He is resilient with his core values.  Resilient with his employees and customers.  And resilient to take care of himself.  The book is practically minded.  And starting with a “Vision Board”  Elliott Noble-Holt helps us bring what we don’t see yet into existence through our vision.  Great book, fun show!

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