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    Barry Moline Connect! A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Connect! How to Quickly Collaborate For Success in Business and Life: Moline, Barry J: 9781977209085: BooksThere is no doubt as humans we were made to connect with each other.  Yet we typically overestimate our ability to connect.  We think to ourselves we are great connectors, when the truth we are superficial.  Sales people will talk about how they build “rapport”, but “rapport” is not true connecting, it is really a form of manipulation so that you can get what you want.  The truth is when we truly make a connection we build mutual identification and trust.  When we connect we truly find the person interesting whether they buy from us or not.  When we are truly building relationships we are focused on the relationship and nothing more.  We need help for sure!  That is why on this episode of A New Direction author Barry Moline helps truly CONNECT!

    In Barry Moline’s book, “Connect! How to Quickly Connect  for Collaborate for Success in Business and life”  He gives you multiple ways that you can connect with others that will lead to powerful relationships that lead to opportunities for both your business and your life.  In this show we even talk about how sales people can use better questions that make them more likeable.  We also talk about some ice breakers that are commonly not used, how to deal with controversy and so much more!  Barry has been gracious enough to provide us with his free resources so CLICK HERE to get them.  And your copy of Connect! 

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