Communication Can Overcome Conflict…Here’s How

    Denise Blanc - Overcoming Conflict Thru Communication - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    Denise Blanc - Using Better Communication to overcome conflict - Riverlogic - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoUsing Better Communication to Overcome Conflict in Every Area of Our Life and Business

    We live in a world of a communication divide. Just turn on or read the news and we read how there is conflict. One side says something they believe in the other side digs in their heels and shout back what they believe in. No matter where we turn what we really here is “they are wrong” and “we are right”.

    There is very little civility in differences of opinion. Even with those who work in government will resort to “eye rolls” and “call names”, and these “adults” can justify their reasons for doing so. And at the end of the day nothing gets solved. We just dig in a little deeper depending on the side you are on.

    The business world is not different. CEO’s demand their way. Rather than communicating with empathy they simply dictate what will be and how it will be. The employee too makes demands. They see things differently and in retaliation quietly quit, move on, or simply just ghost their jobs.

    Conflict is everywhere. Is there a solution? Yes, there is and it comes from the analogy of the river. And on this episode of A New Direction, Mediator, Coach, Professor, Leadership Trainer Denise Blanc gives helps us navigate the dangerous rough waters of conflict through effective communication. From her book “Riverlogic”

    Riverlogic: Tools to Transform Resistance and Create Flow in all of our Relationships by Denise M. Blanc, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®Denise Blanc’s Book “Riverlogic: Tools to Transform Resistance and Create Flow in all of our Relationships” is an amazing, insightful book that will challenge everyone who is honest enough to look at themselves and realize that they have work to do when it comes to communication. 

    The book’s true first question is really not on the one’s we communicate with, but focuses on what the one part of the conversation we can actually control…and that is ourselves.  

    The truth is who “present” are we in every conversation?  Are we really listening?  Are we listening beyond what the other person is saying and getting their emotional communications too?

    Then comes the questions in conflict.  What is our attitude?  Is it, win at all costs?  Do we feel have to be right?  Do we feel if we show vulnerability that somehow we may lose?  Or maybe we feel that we are somehow compromising ourselves if we openly listen to the opinions of others without responding?

    The fact is our communication in conflict doesn’t have to be either or.  Or communication in conflict can be simply listen and not respond.  Putting our emotional attachment to our arguments aside and simply listen without compromising our values.

    Riverlogic is for everyone for sure.  But for those in leadership, consultants, coaches, CEO’s, salespeople and more.  Riverlogic will help your communication skills and be able to reduce conflict and build and strengthen your relationships.  Get your copy!

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