Change Your Culture into Cultural Brilliance

    Culture change is difficult. Especially when you have been living in a dysfunctional culture for a long time. This is when you need to get some helpful advice to help you change. Help you change from a toxic culture to Cultural Brilliance.

    Claudette Rowley
    Claudette Rowley

    Enter Claudette Rowley, Change management consultant, cultural designer, executive coach. CEO of Cultural Brilliance,and Best Selling Author of Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence.

    Cultural Brilliance is more than just a book. It literally is a “step by step” guide to get your business from cultural toxicity to Cultural Brilliance. It all starts with authenticity transitions to understanding adaptogens and gets you to implementation and maintenance.


    In this episode of A New Direction Claudette Rowley talk our way through Cultural Brilliance and give you the cliff notes of the cliff notes of the cliff notes version of the steps it take to get your business culture to Brilliant!

    Also listen for the bonus content on being a culturally brilliant leader. And please buy the book!

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