Change Your Self to Change Your Business – Michael S. Seaver

    Change Your Self to Change Your Business - Michael S. Seaver - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Michael S. Seaver Change yourself to change your business - I Know - A New Direction with Jay IzsoAs a coach I am often called because the owner, founder, or CEO wants to change their business.  There is this belief system that the business is it’s own entity and that you magically can change the business.  However, the truth is if you want your business to truly change then the owner, founder, or CEO is the one who must change first…and that is not always easy.  On this episode of A New Direction I have the privilege of talking change with executive coach and author Michael S. Seaver.  We talk about why it is difficult to change and the process of navigating change.

    I Know: A Practical Guide for Awakening to What's Within and Finding Work-Life Integration - Kindle edition by Seaver, Michael, S.. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ Seaver‘s book is entitled, “I Know: A Practical Guide for Awakening to What’s Within and Finding Work-Life Integration”  The book is truly a practical guide on how to navigate the rough water’s of change so you can change your business but it also is a book that provides practical information about how to carve out your personal mission, core values, train your people to be coaches, what you should look for in a coach and so much more!  This is one of those shows that is literally for anyone at any stage of your life, career, business.  If you want or need change this show is for you.  And pick up your copy of “I Know“.

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