Business…How do you do it?

    It’s Christmas again, time to go shopping for those gifts for the family, friends and relatives. What if you were to go into a store and this was your experience?

    You enter the store looking for a “widget” for your friend.

    Salesperson: “Welcome to Wally’s World of Widgets, my name is Willy, part of the Willy Widget Team, your best widget sales person in the area.”

    You: “Thank You, that’s nice…I am looking for….”

    Salesperson: “You know I have been selling these widgets for 20 years”

    You: “Great, do you have…”

    Salesperson: “I have more knowledge about widgets than anyone”

    You: “Fantastic, I have this friend and I am trying to buy…”

    Salesperson: “The key to my success is tremendous customer service”

    You: “Oh really, well then, when my friend was young he had….

    Salesperson: “You know other widget salespeople will talk about selling widgets, but my combined experience and knowledge gives me an advantage over the competition”

    You: “I see, well then you would know about this widget…”

    Salesperson: “I have become so competent about widgets, I now have a team”

    You: “Can I talk to one of them”

    Salesperson: “When it comes to widgets we are the Professionals.”

    You: “Great, so here’s what I am looking for…”

    Salesperson: “If you are ever in the market for a particular widget, let me or one of my team members know, because we are here to serve you”

    You: “Okay, then I would like…”

    Salesperson: “Oh one more thing, I will need you to fill out your name, address, phone number, because I am not going to show you anything until you give me that information first.”

    You Leave.

    Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. However, have you read any websites lately? This is exactly what many of them do. The potential customer wants information, the website talks about themselves. I am asked on a regular basis, why doesn’t my website produce business? My first question, does your website really answer the questions that your consumer is asking, or are you trying to sell them you? Typically what I notice is that the average website focuses on everything they can do for the consumer, rather than helping the consumer find the information that is most important to them. In my little example here, the salesperson, talks a good game, but because he is so anxious to tell YOU about how great he is, how competent he is, you never get your questions answered. Furthermore, it becomes more frustrating as the conversation goes on. My second question what is the cost of the information you give them? Can you imagine going to a store and before you can see anything you have to give someone your name, address and phone number? How ridiculous is that? Would you do it? Probably not. You would more than likely give them false information, or leave the store and find somewhere not to have to go through the hassle. Additionally, the chances of you coming back to that store are slim and none. Apply that to your website. A couple of the things that we know the search engines pay attention too, is return traffic and how long people stay on your website. If you are not answering the questions that your potential consumers are asking, or you are requiring information for your potential consumer to get information, you may get a few, but you are not getting as many as you could have. Not only that, you will, yes, you will never have the search engine placement you covet so badly.

    So then I ask, “how do you do business”? If you think my example is totally out of control, take a look at your website, chances are it’s out of control too. Are you answering questions about you, or answering your potential client’s questions? Then ask yourself this, “why”? If you know that what you just read above is totally ridiculous, why do you do it on the web? Psychologically speaking it sounds to me that you have a bit of an inferiority complex, or you are a complete egotist. In either case you have problems. If that is the case, then people will just do what you don’t want them to do…leave. You can’t afford that. Here is a little tip: What would you say to a potential client that you met in person? At least you would have a better start.

    Dr. Jay, Your Internet Doctor


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