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    Aaron Shelley - The Family Flywheel - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    The Family Flywheel: The Secret Business Principles Successful Families Use to Create Sustained Wealth and Happiness

    Aaron K Shelley - The Family Flywheel - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoI have read and heard it said, “there are no business problems, there are only personal problems that infiltrate your business.” Stop and think about it for a moment. As I have come to learn from personal experience and through coaching many clients…”if your life’s a mess you limit your success.”
    Can you apply business principles to your life and family and visa versa? The answer is “yes”. Consider that every business needs to have structure, culture, and strategy to be successful. Your family does too. If any one of those things is not in order you have a poor business model and will probably not be successful.
    In this episode of A New Direction Aaron Shelly joins us to help you live a life and create a family that will not only make you successful with your family, but more successful in you business life.
    The Family Flywheel: The Secret Business Principles Successful Families Use to Create Sustained Wealth and Happiness: Shelley, Aaron K: A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoAaron Shelley‘s book, “The Family Flywheel: The Secret Business Principles Successful Families Use to Create Sustained Wealth and Happiness” is an insightful look at how the family structure, strategy, and culture resemble a business.
    The Family Flywheel makes a strong case that while we think we can compartmentalize our family life from our business life, the fact is we truly cannot.  If our family life is dysfunctional than we are probably not going to be successful as we could be.
    Aaron Shelley points out extensively that there are many different types of family structures from being single with or without children to being married and many types in between.
    And in each case their can be success, but there you are going to have to use your resources in the right way to be successful.  The biggest problem that most people face is that they do have resources, but many times they do not use them wisely or they not sure exactly how to use them.
    The Family Flywheel is going to challenge you.  It is going to cause you to think and rethink your core values, your strategy, structure, and culture, and how you are either taking advantage of the resources you have or not.

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