Business Kung Fu – 5 Elements that Will Change Your Business

    Craig Cooke - Business Kung Fu - 5 Elements from Kung Fu that Lead to Business Success - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    Business Kung Fu – 5 Elements that Will Change Your Business

    Craig Cooke - Business Kung Fu - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoWhen you think about business and entrepreneurial success and what it takes to get there, the principles of the fighting style Kung Fu probably do not come to mind.
    But if you think about it a bit more deeply when you consider it what it takes to become proficient in a fighting style like Kung Fu, your business often will have a similar path.
    You start off by doing the things you don’t necessarily enjoy doing. You grind out tirelessly having to put in the work. Most of the time the work you put in is preparation for your future.
    The fact is in the beginning of your business that you are in you are not ready for the fight. In the beginning is the training so you can learn how to fight and take on your opponent.
    In this episode of A New Direction best-selling author, award winning entrepreneur, and speaker Craig Cooke joins us to talk through some of the elements of his latest book “Business Kung Fu: Modern Strategy | Ancient Truth” Business Kung Fu: Modern Strategy, Ancient Truth, Your ...Craig Cooke’s book: “Business Kung Fu: Modern Strategy, Ancient Truth, Your Success” is a fascinating read.

    Craig Cooke takes his experience in martial arts and makes a clear connection between Kung Fu and Business.

    The biggest connection is that like learning Kung Fu when you start a business you are going to be doing things that you don’t want to do.  And you will spend hours doing it.

    One of the biggest eye opening parts of Business Kung Fu is how Craig takes the classic Chinese 5 Element Theory and relates it to the 5 fundamental elements of business and entrepreneurship.

    Those being, Passion, Discipline, Expertise, Confidence and Faith and then back to Passion again.

    What is so interesting about these 5 elements and how they lead to one another they can either spiral you up or they can spiral you down when you don’t have these elements.

    The book is a very fast read, but the mindset lessons are powerful and are needed in today’s fast paced business world.

    Also, look out for Preparing to Fight.  Like in Kung Fu, you have to train to be in a fight, and the truth is you have to prepare to be in a fight in business as well.

    Great read, I highly recommend it!

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