Business Health: 5 Areas That Need a Checkup

    Robert Courser - Line of Sight - A New Direction Show with Coach Jay Izso

    Is It Time for Your Business Health Checkup?

    Robert Courser - Get Your Business Health Check Up - Line of Sight - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoCan we be honest for a moment? Does any of us really know what is going on in this world when it comes to business? It’s crazy isn’t it?  And it not only affects our personal health, but our business health as well.

    Whether you are a huge corporation or small family-owned business figuring out strategies of growth, can be a challenge to your leadership and profitability.  And much of that challenge can be a result of poor busine health.

    What’s the answer? Have you considered getting a business health checkup?

    The fact is like everyone, we need to go to the doctor’s office and get a physical health checkup so we can learn what is going well in our body and what is not.

    Like your physician there are primary areas of your health you need to be concerned with and in business those primary areas are: Strategic Understanding, Leadership, Balanced Metrics, Activities and Structure, Human Capital.

    In this episode of A New Direction Stategic Execution and Leadership Expert Robert Courser joins us to give us insights into a business health assessment tool that can help you diagnose your business health.

    All part of his new book “Line of Sight”. Line of Sight: The Five Keys for Strategic Execution in an Age of Uncertainty: 9781637632147: Courser, Robert, Aries, Olivier: BooksRobert Courser‘s book, “Line of Sight: The Five Keys for Strategic Execution in an Age of Uncertainty” is an insightful book that deals with the major areas in your business that need a business health checkup.

    The fact is like a going to the doctor to get your yearly physical, your business needs get a physical check up in the following areas:

    Strategic Understanding
    Balanced Metrics
    Activities and Structure
    Human Capital

    And in the Line of Sight gives you the simple yet elegant questions that have been well researched to help you diagnose your business health and what you can do to fix it.

    Really a great book filled with timeless, practical advice that can be executed in your business immediately.  I highly recommend for every business Line of Sight.

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