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    Michael Levitt - Burnout Proof - A New Direction with Jay IzsoBurnout is a very real condition.  Research on burnout suggest it costs companies billions of dollars in revenue as people can no longer function in their job, because they experience burnout.  How does burnout show up?  Fatigue, irritability, lack of motivation, making more frequent mistakes, not caring about the quality of your work, dread, sickness and many other symptoms.  It can be a devastating situation when one experiences burnout.  And that what this week’s guest on A New Direction, Michael Levitt explains on this episode.  Michael Levitt experienced burnout from his job. He had a heart attack that should have killed him, He lost his job, then lost his, house, watched his car get repossessed, and his life turned completely upside down.  And now because of his experience and rebuilding his life and career Michael Levitt helps you avoid the negativity of stress.

    Michael Levitt‘s book is entitled “Burnout Proof: How to Establish Boundaries to Avoid the Negativity of Stress“.  I like to call this a “Direct and to the point” book.  It is a little over 60 pages long, and as Michael reveals his story he describes what Burnout is, what the symptoms can look like both from a work and life standpoint. he also provides insights and tips on how to prevent burnout.  He even suggests that you do an inventory of your current place of work as you may in fact need a change to protect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  It is a powerful show.  So please share it with your friends and give A New Direction a positive review on your favorite podcast listening app.

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