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    Leo Bottary - Peernovation - Building High Performance Teams - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Leo Bottary - Building High Performance Teams - PeernovationNow probably more than every the issue of teams has become in question.  Before the pandemic when everyone worked in the office, it was much easier to be a team since we were all sitting in the same room and face to face.  But today with the hybrid of people at home and at work teams have become…well…let’s just say a bit more difficult.  Thankfully Leo Bottary is with us on this episode of A New Direction to help understand that whether we are remote or in the same room, or some combination we can still build high performance teams.  How?  Well as Leo Bottary says best…”The Power of ‘WE’ starts with ‘ME'”.  Are you “all-in”.  because that is who it begins with…YOU!

    Peernovation By Leo Bottary - Building High Performance TeamsLeo Bottary’s latest book is entitled “Peernovation: What Peer Advisory Groups Can Teach Us About Building High-Performance Teams”  The book is a beautiful complement of research, experience, and practical application.  The forward is by Jeffery Hayzlett and starts the book off right understanding how we often live so disconnected that we have to intentionally get reconnected if we are truly going to be successful.  Peernovation points out 5 factors that contribute the most high performance teams:

    • Having the Right People in the room who share a clarity of purpose
    • Psychological safety.
    • Be committed to being highly productive.
    • Have a sense of personal responsibility/ accountability to the team members.
    • Be led by a servant leader who serves as the steward of the other four factors

    The book is an outstanding read, you will love the show!

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